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Welocome to Mahaveer College of Commerce

The followers of Jainism embrace the philosophy of love and compassion towards all living beings-men, birds, beasts, plants etc. Ahimsa or nonviolence in thought, word and deed is the base of interactions. Jainism places an unparalleled accent on renunciation and service to mankind. It is a rigorous, ethical and non-transcendental system, laying a special emphasis on the aesthetic aspect of life and thought.

Known for their entrepreneurial acumen and spirit of service, the members of the Jain Community focused their attention on the sphere of education by establishing Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Shiksha Parishad in the year 1946. Since then the Parishad has been relentlessly contributing to the field of Education through its prestigious educational institutions like Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Sr. Sec. School established in the year 1946 and Mahaveer Public School was established in the year 1996, which have become a benchmark for quality and value based education.

President's Message

“Shri Mahaveer Diagamber Jain Shiksha Parishad has been relentlessly contributing to the field of education since 1946.Starting with school education; Shri Mahaveer Diagamber Jain Shiksha Parishad has set benchmark of excellence through its institutions at all levels of educational hierarchy.“

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Secretary's Message

Sh. Umarao Mal Sanghi

“ Mahaveer college of commerce is a sincere attempt of Shri Mahaveer Digamber Jain Shiksha Parishad to introduce a multifarious, holistic educational milieu that harmonies academic excellence and humanistic wisdom.“

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Principal's Message

Dr. Ravi Sharma

“ Student development and achievement is our primary purpose and we must be accountable for all students’ learning and growth at high levels.The Teaching and learning Environment is the pathway to establish positive institutional experience and to motivate students to dream big and work hard.“

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Vision & Mission

To make Mahaveer College of Commerce a nurturing ground for the holistic development of the young minds.

Providing high quality education in keeping with our cultural heritage and modern insight.
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